Complete Lifecycle Protection Across the Entire Business

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Augmenting Humans at Every Stage of the Attack Lifecycle

Darktrace’s four major components are built on a deep, interconnected understanding of your enterprise. and continuous feedback.

Powered by Our Unique AI

The Darktrace product suite is underpinned by our unique Self-Learning Cyber AI.
Rather than training an AI system on attack patterns in large data lakes, we bring our AI to your data, where it learns what’s ‘normal’ for your unique organization.
This lets it spot the unusual, and stitch together anomalous behavior indicative of cyber-threat – even one that it has never seen before.
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Secure your Cloud in Real-Time
Architectural awareness into your AWS and Azure environments and cloud-native threat detection and response.
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Understands the human behind the email address
A dynamic understanding of every email user in your organization allows Darktrace/Email to take a targeted response to threats that others miss.
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CISO’s Guide to Cyber AI

Discover the different ways AI is being applied in cyber security to solve real-world problems.
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Shut down network threats instantly
Darktrace learns normal ‘patterns of life’ to discover unpredictable cyber-threats across the corporate network, and then takes targeted action to minimize disruption
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Light up your industrial environment
Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI is protocol agnostic, which means it learns everything, regardless of how old or complex the technology.
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Protect your workforce from every angle
From cloud applications to remote endpoints on and off the VPN, through to complementing and enhancing zero trust policies.
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