Cyber AI Mission Defense for the U.S. Federal Government

Darktrace Federal’s mission is to deliver complete AI-powered solutions to defend US federal government customers from cyber disruptions and ensure mission resilience.

Our solution

Self-Learning AI establishes an ecosystem-specific understanding of normal operational behavior in order to autonomously defend your environment, organization, and operations.
Company Overview
Darktrace Federal Inc. is headquartered in Reston, Virginia and is a U.S.-based subsidiary of Darktrace PLC (DARK.L).
Darktrace is a global leader in cyber security AI, protecting over 8,400 customers around the world.
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Darktrace Technical Assessment

The Technology Advancement Center (TAC), formerly MISI, independently validated Darktrace Federal’s Cyber AI Mission Defense solution.
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Coverage spans on-premise networks, cloud, OT, applications, email systems, and zero trust architectures, empowering agencies to disrupt threats across the digital ecosystem.
Darktrace DETECT
Full mission environment visibility and alerting for teams to stay ahead of attackers
Darktrace RESPOND
Machine-speed reaction to actively defend mission operations and disrupt attackers through real-time surgical responses to maintain normal operations
Intelligent Augmentation
Accelerating situational awareness and enhancing human team’s ability to identify and prioritize incidents, saving time for teams and serving as force multiplier
AI-written reports to accelerate decision making with real-time visibility and metric-driven impact understanding
Data Visualization
Real-time visualization of system architecture and activity throughout entire mission environment to enable intuitive and easy investigation workflow


Cyber AI Mission Defense

Cyber AI Email Protection

Contract Vehicles

Darktrace Federal has established partnerships with resellers, distributors, and other parties allowing us to address almost any acquisition strategy.

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