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Self-Learning Cyber Defense: An Immune System to Detect Emerging ThreatsJoin our webinar hosted by Eric Ogren, Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research.

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“Within the first and second weeks, we find things out of the ordinary in about 80% of the Fortune 500s we're deployed in. It's things their legacy tools totally missed.”

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The Enterprise Immune System

The Enterprise Immune System is a fundamental innovation for cyber defense, inspired by the principles of the human immune system and delivered through new machine learning.

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1,200+ deployments

Darktrace is the de facto technology for detecting insider and external cyber-threats, and has been deployed over 1,200 times worldwide.

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Machine Learning and Mathematics

New advances in machine learning and mathematics, developed at the University of Cambridge, let you detect the cyber-threats that bypass all your other security controls.

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Detect Insider Threats

Cyber-threats are already inside your network now. Start finding emerging anomalies today to avoid damaging attacks tomorrow, whatever their origin.

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Leading Billing and Payment Provider Billtrust Selects Darktrace
“We like that Darktrace acts faster than any security practitioner could to prevent damage from attacks such as ransomware.” — 451 Research

Darktrace is a world leader in Enterprise Immune System technology for cyber security.

Using new machine learning techniques based on the biological principles of the human immune system, Darktrace addresses the challenge of detecting previously unidentified cyber threats, irrespective of their origin.

Named ‘Best Security Company of the Year’ 2016, Darktrace is capable of identifying new, emerging threats within computer networks in real time. This unique capability is delivered by Darktrace’s cyber intelligence software platform, which leverages advanced mathematical models to establish an evolving understanding of every device, user and network and stay ahead of developing APTs, insider attacks and other live threat scenarios.

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“Darktrace’s approach to cyber security aligns and complements our own. The addition to our Assure portfolio will strengthen our ability to defend BT and our customers against advanced cyber threats. Their machine learning and mathematics are extremely powerful in detecting activity that is abnormal and will be critical to our future cyber security offerings.”
Mark Hughes, President of BT Security
“Darktrace’s innovative, self-learning approach to cyber security is aligned with our strategy of continually monitoring our information systems and proactively strengthening our defenses. The Enterprise Immune System has given us real visibility, for the first time, into all our digital interactions. This ultimately means that our customers and data are better protected.”
Philip Aim, Managing Director, CreaCard
“I intuitively feel that technology working as a self-learning immune system is the right way to do cyber defense.”
Svein Ringbakken, Managing Director, DNK
“Darktrace adds another level of sophistication to our defence systems, and has already identified threats with the potential to disrupt our networks. It helps us stay ahead of emerging threats and better defend our key systems.”
Martin Sloan, Head of Safety and Security, Drax
“Darktrace shines a light onto our systems, giving us a visual overview of what’s really happening ‘under the hood’.”
Conor Claxton, COO, Macrosynergy Partners
“Darktrace’s technology is excellent because it gives us a real-time view of all our data interactions and detects emerging threats, without requiring prior knowledge or pre-defined rules.”
Pierluigi Simonetta, CEO, Paybay
“Darktrace’s approach to cyber security is very novel, and fitted with our strategy of making our cyber defence more proactive.”
Alain Daubié, CIO, Sisley
“Darktrace is a game-changer because now we have a baseline of how our users, devices and network operate and how that changes over time with our business. As opposed to SIEM-based retrospective approaches, Darktrace’s cyber intelligence platform and Threat Visualizer interface provide us with absolute visibility into what is happening in real time.”
Louis Kangurs, IT Network Manager, Virgin Trains
“We are delighted to join forces with Darktrace to bring new, innovative technology to the cyber security challenge that all organizations are faced with. Darktrace’s technology is unique in its ability to rapidly detect anomalous activity, irrespective of whether the behaviors are ‘known’ or ‘unknown’, as well as being able to visualize all network activity. By reducing the time to detect potential threats, Darktrace is strengthening Telstra’s internal security.”
Mike Burgess, CISO, Telstra
“Darktrace enhances our cyber security strategy beyond protecting our company borders, and has already detected potentially damaging threats inside our networks. By leveraging innovative machine learning, Darktrace’s solution puts businesses like ours ahead in this new age of harmful threats.”
Marcello David, Head of IT Security & Compliance, HBG Gaming
“Machine learning can detect things that we can’t predict and define. It’s like finding a needle in an enormous haystack.”
Stuart Berman, Information Security Architect, Steelcase
Gartner Cool Vendor 2015
The Techies 2016
Info Security Global Excellence Awards 2016
Computing Security Awards 2015
The American Business Awards 2015
World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2015
Cyber Defence Magazine: Editor’s Choice 2016
Network Products Guide IT World Awards 2015
2015 Trophées de l’Innovation IT
Bloomberg Business Innovator 2016
2015 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards
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