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Accelerate your learning path and lower your total cost of ownership with free, flexible, training services led by our instructors, who are subject matter experts in their field.

Accessible learning

Live Instructor-Led Training

Darktrace offers open and complimentary public training sessions scheduled on a regular basis.
Interact with our experts through live quizzes and Q&A sessions.
Join wherever you are in world via the Customer Portal.
Centred around you

On-demand eLearning

Get unlimited access to our library of on-demand Instructional Videos developed by our experienced Instructors and Analysts
Focus on the topics you need to and play whenever you need to, from wherever you are in the world.

Private Training

Private tuition with a dedicated Instructor. Our team provides flexible delivery options to suit your training requirements.

Virtual Training

Access the training from wherever you are and learn how to make the most of your Darktrace products by accessing our public webinars, dedicated eLearning videos, and training manuals.

Onsite Training

Darktrace Education will send one of our instructors to your chosen site to conduct the training.
To arrange a private training event, customers can contact their Darktrace representative (Fees apply).

Validate your Darktrace expertise

Become officially Darktrace certified with fully proctored examinations designed to test and validate your Darktrace skills.

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What our customers say:

The training was absolutely excellent. An excellent trainer and clearly knows the product inside out.
We learned a lot and the manual is superb too; perfectly clear and simple. It’ll be great to rely on it to refresh our memory about what we’ve learned.
Excellent training session. Well communicated, great content, really interesting and beneficial.
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