In 2020, Darktrace announced a multi-year partnership with McLaren Formula 1 Racing as its Official AI Cybersecurity Partner and has been protecting McLaren's cyber landscape on and off the track. Our partnership reflects both team's race toward innovation.

Where McLaren boasts records for speed and performance, Darktrace is the only intelligent AI cybersecurity platform enabling businesses to stay ahead of threats no matter where they appear. For nearly half a decade, we're proud to drive alongside McLaren to pursue greatness– toward cyber resilience and business transformation.

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Beyond speed: McLaren’s move to the cloud
We use Microsoft’s built-in security as a first line of defense, but Darktrace takes our security stature to another level.
Chris Hicks, CIO

Go from zero to
secure in seconds

Split-seconds can be the difference between success and failure, and McLaren needs to adapt in every part of its organization to keep up. Learn why the team relies on Darktrace AI to protect the organization from cyber-attacks.
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Every 17 seconds
A new part is created for McLaren’s cars
80% of the car will be different
Before the season is over

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Precision performance in F1 and Cyber AI
Darktrace’s cutting-edge AI technology is gearing up to free the world of cyber threats– enabling partners like McLaren to go further faster and without disruption.
How McLaren revs up email defense
Darktrace/Email understands your organization’s patterns of communication using self-learning, AI-powered technology to detect subtle indicators of an attach.
Racing against risks with Lando & Oscar
Testing McLaren driver’s cyber readiness and reaction time to recognize threats.

Protecting McLaren at Every Corner

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