Autonomous, always-on action to contain and disarm attacks within seconds.

Disarming attacks anywhere and everywhere.

Anywhere and everywhere

Stops attacks wherever they occur

Swift action stops in-progress attacks across the entire digital estate, including fast-paced ransomware attacks. It’s all supported by Darktrace Self-Learning AI, which provides full, real-time visibility into your systems and data.
Any time, always on

Contain and disarm threats, autonomously

Darktrace RESPOND works autonomously to disarm attacks whenever they occur. Reacts to threats in seconds, working 24/7 as it frees up security teams and resources.
Your data. Our ai.

Elevate your cyber defenses with Darktrace AI

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EVERYwhere data lives

Protects the entire digital estate

Darktrace Self-Learning AI delivers precise information about what’s not normal to your organization. Darktrace RESPOND takes precise action to neutralize threats against any and every asset, no matter where data resides.
We decided it was finally time to turn on Autonomous Response, and now I just wish that we’d done so much sooner. The actions it takes are accurate, and the peace of mind it has given the team is incredible.
Michael Tiernan
Director of Network Operations and Security
The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
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Stops ransomware at every stage

From initial intrusion to data encryption, Darktrace RESPOND takes action at every step of a ransomware attack to stop an attacker in their tracks.
You Call the shots

Configurable and customizable

Darktrace RESPOND runs fully autonomously, or within the guide rails that you set. It can be set to operate only at certain times, on certain devices, or in response to certain events. As organizations build trust in the autonomous decision-making, many switch to fully autonomous mode within weeks. 
never-before-seen attacks

Responds to novel threats on the first encounter

Darktrace RESPOND disarms threats regardless of whether they've been seen previously. Learns your business and looks for subtle deviations in device and user behavior, taking targeted action to enforce a device’s "pattern of life."

Stay in the loop with the Darktrace Mobile App

Full oversight of Darktrace RESPOND's actions is provided through Darktrace’s Threat Visualizer interface, and via the Darktrace Mobile App.
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Darktrace ActiveAI Security Platform

The Active AI Security Platform correlates threats across your entire organization, delivering proactive cyber resilience with real-time detection and autonomous response to known and novel threats.

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Our ai. Your data.

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