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Guardsman Group

We’ve noticed that cyber-threats that get past our email solution are caught by Antigena Email.

General Manager of Risk, Compliance, and IT
Guardsman Group

At a glance:

Security company that must protect clients with surgical precision

Needed enhanced visibility into its environment

Achieved self-learning protection of email accounts and users

24/7 expert cyber and customer support

Guarding the Commerce of Jamaica

Guardsman Group and its subsidiaries are leaders in security, with clients across all industries around the Caribbean. It provides security equipment, personnel, and systems for some of the most prominent businesses in the region.

Before adding Darktrace, one of Guardsman's offices experienced an incident which saw all communications at that location affected. The team found that legacy security tools did not provide enough protection, with it taking hours to identify the source of the issue. At this point, Guardsman knew it needed a dynamic solution that could proactively identify threats like these. "Our biggest concern is anything that will disrupt our business," said Guardsman's General Manager of Risk, Compliance, and IT, Damian Blair. "We manage all of Jamaica's money to some extent. We cannot afford for our operations to go down."

Guardsman implemented the Darktrace Immune System platform, including Darktrace Antigena, across its digital infrastructure. Using unsupervised machine learning to understand the organization's unique digital DNA, the technology protects Guardsman's digital assets and sensitive data, autonomously responding to machine-speed attacks such as ransomware before damage can be done.

Protecting the Inbox With Self-Learning AI

Guardsman sought a cyber security solution that could give them visibility and protection in the face of escalating email threats. The team finds that while their email provider has standard threat protection that does a good job with spam and other known threats, they have an ultimate last line of defense in Darktrace's Antigena Email.

For them, the trial of Antigena Email highlighted that their workforce was still getting targeted by sophisticated attacks that were slipping past other tools. The team were able to see the risky emails that their users would have been exposed to if it had not been for Antigena Email. Antigena Email works by understanding the human behind the email address, taking targeted action against  abnormal and threatening emails while allowing benign interactions to continue without interruption.

Constant Cyber Support

In the recent shift to remote working, Guardsman observed an uptick in email risks and other abnormal digital behaviors among its clients. The team now feels protected with Darktrace AI's self-learning, adaptive, and autonomous protection, and have been reassured by Darktrace's excellent customer support. "We are never left in the dark,"" said Guardsman's General Manager of Risk, Compliance, and IT, Damian Blair. "I never have to worry if I will get a response."

The  Guardsman  IT  team  manages  its  Self-Learning  AI  deployment from Darktrace's user interface, the Threat Visualizer, on a day-to-day basis, but if they ever have an issue, they have the rapid support of Darktrace's award-winning Customer Success and Proactive Threat Notification (PTN) service. Darktrace's 24/7 PTN service provides an additional layer of protection for organizations and strained teams, sending alerts directly from a Darktrace Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst to Guardsman's IT team when incidents indicative of a serious, emerging attack are identified by Autonomous Self-Learning AI. With this support, Guardsman feels it has an extra member on its team.

"Darktrace's AI has been critical to us,"" said Blair. "I do not feel like I need to utilize additional personnel for threat hunting because I feel Darktrace's technology fills that role."

I feel more comfortable knowing that Darktrace AI is always there working in the background.
General Manager of Risk, Compliance, and IT
Guardsman Group
Guardsman Group, with headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica, has been providing security systems and personnel for private and public organizations in the Caribbean for over 40 years. It has 26 subsidiaries and affiliated companies and over 8,000 employees and subcontractors.‍
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