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“Darktrace combines many capabilities like visibility in the cloud and network protection, and its AI tools help the security team to operate more precisely and efficiently. The ability to have a better security posture while not having people dedicated to do that all the time is a great solution.” 

Pierre-Yves Sarrat
Group Director of IT, GCP Hospitality

At a glance:

  • GCPH is a global company with a lean security team, operating over 60 hotels and apartment complexes around the world. 
  • GCPH chose Darktrace to help bolster their security stack to improve visibility across SaaS and cloud environments.
  • GCPH also benefited from Darktrace’s Self-Learning capabilities, reducing time spent sorting through alerts.

Protecting employees worldwide with a one man team

While GCPH’s dedicated headquarters is in Bangkok, Thailand, they oversee projects around the world in many different time zones, making it a challenge to maintain visibility across multiple assets and environments while trying to block targeted and suspicious attacks that would bypass traditional security systems.

Pierre-Yves Sarrat Group Director of IT at GCPH describes himself as a “one man band” protecting GCPH. While being the primary cyber security professional at GCPH, Sarrat is also constantly traveling and managing multiple projects. Maintaining multiple responsibilities, Sarrat was seeking a security solution that could help fight against rapidly evolving cyber threats and GCPH’s growing asset pool by increasing their visibility across cloud and SaaS networks.

Complying with new laws

In Thailand specifically, legal compliance laws were established to address the new generation of cyber security threats that came along with the digitization of the workforce admits the COVID-19 pandemic. The PDP and Cyber Security Act required frameworks and procedures to be established at organizations like GCPH in order to defend against cyber-attacks. Sarrat found that increasing their visibility across applications and cloud environments would provide additional support for GCPH to comply with new legal requirements.

Sarrat chose to invest in Darktrace Self-Learning AI technology which would help augment their security efforts and make the task of dealing with today’s cyber challenges easier. Sarrat explains that he chose Darktrace because “While some security solutions only focus on one aspect of security, Darktrace combines multiple areas. Being able to sort through massive amounts of data saves me time and Darktrace does a good job of visualizing the data and giving suggestions for how to react to suspicious activity.”

Why GCP Hospitality chose Darktrace?

Unified Visibility

After initially trialling Darktrace DETECT in 2020, Darktrace’s AI-powered cyber defense capabilities have become crucial to securing GCPH’s network against cyber threats – particularly when many of those based out of the central office need to remain protected when they’re travelling to and working from GCPH sites around the world. 

Sarrat chose to extend Darktrace’s coverage to GCPH’s cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications, centralizing visibility across different channels, and helping investigate and respond to unusual behavior which could represent a malicious threat. 

Saving Time with Simplified Workflow

By autonomously blocking anything suspicious, Sarrat is freed up to focus on other tasks, safe in the knowledge that Darktrace’s AI is protecting cloud-based applications and systems from cyber threats and disruption. 

Darktrace's AI has transformed cyber security at GCPH into something which supports its growth rather than limits or suffers from it. With Self-Learning AI protecting their cloud and SaaS environments, the security team are afforded extra time to focus on business needs.

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With an established history, GCP Hospitality (GCPH) is a rapidly growing organization that runs over 60 properties worldwide with a strong reputation in the hospitality industry for providing hotel management, asset management, and business development services of the highest standard.
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