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April 14, 2023 11:42 AM

Updated statement regarding LockBit claims

Mike Beck, Chief Information Security Officer, Darktrace

We have completed a thorough security investigation following yesterday’s tweets by LockBit claiming they had compromised Darktrace’s internal systems. We can confirm that there has been no compromise of our systems or any of our affiliate systems. Our service to our customers remains uninterrupted and is operating as normal and no further action is required.

Press Release

April 13, 2023 9:30 AM

Statement regarding LockBit claims

Earlier this morning we became aware of tweets from LockBit, the cyber-criminal gang, claiming that they had compromised Darktrace’s internal security systems and had accessed our data. Our security teams have run a full review of our internal systems and can see no evidence of compromise. None of the LockBit social media posts link to any compromised Darktrace data. We will continue to monitor the situation extremely closely, but based on our current investigations we are confident that our systems remain secure and all customer data is fully protected.

Press Release

UK Power Company Uses Darktrace for Next-Generation Cyber Security

February 26, 2014

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UK Power Company Uses Darktrace for Next-Generation Cyber Security

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February 26, 2014

Darktrace today announces that Drax, the power generation company, has selected the Darktrace Cyber Intelligence Platform for next-generation defence against advanced cyber threats.

Drax is the owner and operator of Drax Power Station, the UK's largest power station. The company currently provides enough power to meet 7-8% of the UK's electricity needs and is in the process of transforming the business into a predominantly biomass-fuelled generator through burning sustainable biomass in place of coal.

Amid a changing threat landscape, Drax is committed to protecting the integrity of its critical systems and information assets. The company wanted to further strengthen its defensive capabilities and implement a sophisticated, intelligence-led approach to give it the ability to outpace potential threats.

Drax selected the Darktrace Cyber Intelligence Platform (DCIP), based on Darktrace's ground-breaking Behavioural Cyber Defence, which is uniquely capable of detecting new, emerging threats within the network in real time. Powered by new Recursive Bayesian Estimation mathematics, DCIP does not require prior knowledge or rules about threats, instead using advanced mathematical modeling to detect ‘unknown unknown' threats in real time.

Behavioural Cyber Defence technology adds another level of sophistication to our defence systems, and has already identified threats with the potential to disrupt our networks,” said Martin Sloan, Head of Safety and Security, Drax. “It helps us stay ahead of emerging threats and better defend our key systems. We are pleased to be working on cyber innovation with Darktrace's leading self-learning platform.”
We are very pleased to be working with such a forward-thinking company as Drax,” commented Andrew France, CEO of Darktrace. “Behavioural Cyber Defence is leading the way to a new age of cyber defence that allows organizations to get ahead of emerging threats as they happen. As part of the national infrastructure, Drax is helping protect one of the UK's key electricity production facilities in the most sophisticated and resilient way yet.”

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