Press Release

April 14, 2023 11:42 AM

Updated statement regarding LockBit claims

Mike Beck, Chief Information Security Officer, Darktrace

We have completed a thorough security investigation following yesterday’s tweets by LockBit claiming they had compromised Darktrace’s internal systems. We can confirm that there has been no compromise of our systems or any of our affiliate systems. Our service to our customers remains uninterrupted and is operating as normal and no further action is required.

Press Release

April 13, 2023 9:30 AM

Statement regarding LockBit claims

Earlier this morning we became aware of tweets from LockBit, the cyber-criminal gang, claiming that they had compromised Darktrace’s internal security systems and had accessed our data. Our security teams have run a full review of our internal systems and can see no evidence of compromise. None of the LockBit social media posts link to any compromised Darktrace data. We will continue to monitor the situation extremely closely, but based on our current investigations we are confident that our systems remain secure and all customer data is fully protected.

Press Release

Darktrace Recognized for Organizational Excellence at 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards

Cambridge, UK
June 10, 2022

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Darktrace Recognized for Organizational Excellence at 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards

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June 10, 2022

Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security AI, today announced that the business has won a 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Award in the ‘Organizational Excellence’ category. The category distinguishes companies that have successfully integrated all aspects of cyber security from top to bottom “in the most cohesive way possible.”

In the ‘Organizational Excellence’ category, the Fortress Cyber Security Awards highlight businesses that cohesively integrate all aspects of cyber security throughout every sphere of a customer environment. These companies boast a comprehensive and effective cyber security plan that separate them as industry leaders and technology trailblazers among their peers.

Awarded annually by the Business Intelligence Group, this industry-specific awards program rewards the companies, leaders, and technologies that proactively take on the mandate of protecting data and digital assets from cyber-threats. Over the last 12 months, the organizations, individuals, and products selected for these awards have demonstrated innovation, creative thinking, and a passion for success in cyber security for the benefit of the global community.

Combining Self-Learning AI and continuous innovation from its Cyber AI Research Centre, Darktrace meets this challenge across its global customer base. By learning ‘normal’ operations for each unique business, this AI is capable of instantaneously detecting, flagging, and halting any anomalous behavior indicative of cyber-threats. It augments human security teams, providing unparalleled visibility over complex digital environments and protecting against cyber-attacks while ensuring normal business operations, anywhere within the enterprise.

“We are so proud to name Darktrace as a winner in the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards program,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group. “As our society continues to evolve and become more reliant on networks and data, companies like Darktrace are critical at providing the protection and trust consumers demand.”
“Darktrace’s technology supports organizations in their cyber security journeys from end to end. Our Self-Learning AI and Autonomous Response technologies have an established track record of excellence and Darktrace has always provided top-tier services for our more than 6,800 customers,” commented Jack Stockdale OBE, Chief Technology Officer at Darktrace. “Through our investments in R&D and our Cyber AI Research Centre in Cambridge, we will continue to drive further excellence for our clients.”

About Darktrace

Darktrace (DARK.L), a global leader in cyber security AI, delivers world-class technology that protects over 6,800 customers worldwide from advanced threats, including ransomware and cloud and SaaS attacks. Darktrace’s fundamentally different approach applies Self-Learning AI to enable machines to understand the business in order to autonomously defend it. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, the Group has more than 2,000 employees worldwide. Darktrace was named one of TIME magazine’s ‘Most Influential Companies’ for 2021.

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