8000+ companies trust darktrace

Understanding you to stop novel threats

Darktrace AI builds behavioral profiles for every email user, including their relationships, tone and sentiment, content and link sharing patterns, and thousands of other signals – across email, applications and beyond.
Learning the business - rather than being trained on known attacks - allows the system to spot the novel, targeted, and sophisticated email threats that others miss. 

Email security beyond the inbox

Understands normal behavior for every email user – in the inbox and beyond – to protect from account takeover and human error.
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Educate & Engage Your Employees

Communicates its findings to employees for real-time security awareness and a hardened security posture.

Misdirected Emails:
The Most Common Cause of Data Loss

Triggered when a user sends an email, Darktrace/Email warns the end user if the intended recipient may be incorrect - from a simple mistype to a confusion between two trusted contacts - and guides them towards correcting the addressees.
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Email Threats are Evolving. It’s Time Your Email Security Evolves Too.

Discover why thousands of organizations are moving from a backwards-looking approach to AI-powered behavioural email security that learns normal in order to stop phishing, account takeover, BEC, supply chain attacks, and other email threats.
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Cyber AI Loop

Email: One Piece of the Security Puzzle

Email is the often the starting point of an attack, but rarely where it ends. Integrate your email security into a feedback system that augments defenders at every stage of the incident lifecycle.

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