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At a glance:

Sudden transition to remote working led to infrastructure blind spots

Implementation of for Endpoint extends coverage to workers off the VPN

Self-Learning AI learns 'on the job' to protect infrastructure and data

Customer support provides rapid help with challenges

Darktraces Takes AI Protection to the Endpoint

Linc Cymru found its workload and priorities shift with the move to remote working. With the sudden change in business practices, the IT team lost significant visibility over employee activity and needed a technology that allowed them to monitor their entire infrastructure and detect threats that may have slipped through perimeter defenses. Linc Cymru deployed Darktrace for Endpoint to monitor and protect its distributed endpoints – even those off the VPN and operating outside of the corporate network – in a way its existing native endpoint tools fundamentally could not.

The Darktrace Immune System forms a dynamic understanding of every user and device in an organization to discern what is normal and what is a threat. Darktrace for Endpoint extends this understanding to the endpoint and illuminates previously unseen remote activity, extending the visibility and protection provided by Darktrace's Self-Learning AI technology.

With Darktrace, the IT team can see where a device is connecting to in real time. For the first time, the team were able to see that some unauthorized devices were connecting to Skype, which was unsanctioned activity, allowing the IT team to swiftly resolve data sharing issues. Linc Cymru also discovered that its cloud USS platform, its web filter, was worldwide, and synchronized across all cities and continents. Being able to see these connections has been invaluable and necessary to security processes and business strategy going forward.

Around-The-Clock Expert Support

As a not-for-profit organization, Linc Cymru works closely with other housing associations. It needs to be able to solve security challenges quickly, as many entities rely on its services. Self-Learning AI technology works in the background, autonomously detecting threats and producing targeted, high-confidence alerts. In addition, the security team has the option to use Darktrace's Customer Portal for rapid, 24/7 support. In the team's weekly reviews of all their systems with tech management teams, Darktrace frequently comes up for its effectiveness in terms of agile working and dev ops.

Innovation and Peer Connections With AI

Linc Cymru has found significant value in Darktrace's Virtualized Tech Meetups. The security team is able to connect with peers and see the latest product innovations during novel and engaging programs. Darktrace's Tech Meetups are interactive sessions for customers to meet with industry peers and Darktrace's own AI experts to navigate new ways of addressing cyber challenges facing all businesses.

Seamlessly moved to the virtual sphere by the dedicated Darktrace customer success team, these sessions ensure that Linc Cymru is maximizing the value it gets out of Darktrace. Linc Cymru also receives exclusive insights into industry trends and recent threat finds from leading cyber specialists.

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Linc Cymru is a housing association headquartered in Cardiff, Wales. It is a not-for-profit organization providing housing and care across the country in collaboration with local Welsh governments and the NHS.
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