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I.V.A.R. S.p.a

Darktrace is a proactive cyber security solution tailored to each individual reality in which it is installed.

Massimo Moimare
I.V.A.R. S.p.a

At a glance:

Limited visibility across their digital ecosystem

Highly sensitive data and intellectual property targeted by sophisticated attacks

Turned to Self-Learning AI for autonomous threat detection

Up to 92% reduction in time to triage with Cyber AI Analyst

IT/OT Convergence Threatens Data Security

Constant innovation is at the heart of IVAR. Focusing on reducing energy consumption both as a company and for their customers, the team are pushing boundaries in the manufacturing field with the energy-saving, cutting-edge technology they produce. To improve operational efficiency, IVAR connected its IT and OT infrastructure.

But, while the synergy of these cyber-physical systems fueled innovation and organizational output, the team's critical operations and sensitive IP were now more vulnerable to attack. One particular concern was the increasing prevalence of cyber-attacks pivoting through IT environments to hijack ICS processes. Although IT/OT convergence presents new and significant technological risks, it also provides an opportunity for improving OT security and resilience with an enterprise-wide approach to cyber defense. To help the team adapt and defend their digital infrastructure and highly-valuable data – including information on their customers and suppliers – IVAR turned to Darktrace's Self-Learning AI for autonomous threat detection and real-time visibility.

Autonomous Self-Learning AI Defense

Darktrace's technology offering was immediately appealing to IVAR due to its AI-native, self-learning nature. Inspired by the principles of the human immune system, Darktrace's Self-Learning AI works by learning what 'normal' looks like for every user and device across an organization, and all the connections between. This enables the AI to autonomously spot the subtlest signals of threat in real time – no matter how novel or sophisticated.
Darktrace achieves this without requiring historical attack data, a priori assumptions, or lists of CVEs. Instead, it learns 'on the job' to evolve alongside IVAR's dynamic and constantly changing workforce and workloads.

Protocol and technology agnostic, Darktrace provides holistic and unified defense across IT, OT, and IoT infrastructure in an entirely autonomous capacity. Security workflows have also been drastically streamlined with Darktrace's Cyber AI Analyst, which automatically triages, interprets, and reports on the full scope of security incidents. By auto-generating Incident Reports, the team are able to take action on threats as soon as they emerge. Reducing time to triage by up to 92%, Cyber AI Analyst augments human  teams – allowing IVAR to focus their time and expertise where it really matters.

Illumination Across the Entire Cyber-Physical Ecosystem

Darktrace has been vital in spotting sophisticated threats across IVAR's digital ecosystem that other tools missed. According to Massimo Moimare, CIO of IVAR, "Darktrace is able to illuminate a beacon of potentially critical events regardless of whether they relate to threats already known or attack attempts never seen before in the wild."

The team gained value from Darktrace immediately. Less than an hour after the Darktrace Immune System was deployed, IVAR obtained unparalleled visibility through the Threat Visualizer, Darktrace's award-winning user interface. The Threat Visualizer is comprehensive: the security team can trace specific activity and users across time, replaying historical incidents at any level of detail.

Providing both a high-level overview of the digital ecosystem as well as a more granular understanding at the subnet, user, and device level, the Threat Visualizer has empowered the team to remediate threats and vulnerabilities in an increasingly targeted and timely manner. This has proved vital in protecting IVAR from zero-day exploits, data exfiltration, and ransomware.

With Darktrace, IVAR protects its most critical resources, its sensitive data, those of customers and suppliers, and its reputation in the best possible way.
Massimo Moimare
I.V.A.R. S.p.a
IVAR is a manufacturing company that produces components for heating and plumbing systems, including direct heating metering models, distribution manifolds, and parts for geothermal and solar systems. Operative since 1985, IVAR has 11 branches worldwide and produces over 10,000 different items for their customers.‍
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