Cyber Security AI:
One on One Security

Cyber security that adapts to your unique business and prevents novel cyber-attacks

AI threat landscape

Evolving Attacks, Static Defenses

Artificial intelligence is enabling cyber-criminals to generate highly personalised and unique attacks at scale.
Meanwhile, cyber defense is playing catch up, relying on historical attack data to spot threats when they reoccur.
But when novel attacks are the new normal, this approach is no longer enough.
increase in novel social engineering
corresponding with the widespread adoption of ChatGPT, between Jan & Feb 2023
average time taken for legacy solutions to detect an email attack
increase in email account takeovers
between May & July 2023
Darktrace cyber AI

Learns Your Data; Built for Novel Threats

Rather than learn from previously-encountered attacks, our unique Self-Learning AI takes a different approach.  It understands your organization, learning from every user and device, and the connections between them.
This means it can reveal subtle deviations that point to a cyber-threat – even one augmented by AI, using tools and techniques that have never been seen before.

Not All AI is Created Equal

The legacy approach to cyber security entails piping data from thousands of environments and storing this in large databases hosted in the cloud, where attack patterns can be identified, and threats can be stopped when they reoccur. But when novel and targeted attacks are the norm, protection from known and previously encountered attacks is no longer enough.
One on one security learns from your enterprise data to protect you from all threats.
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Cyber AI
White paper

A CISO's Guide to Cyber AI

Discover the different ways AI is being applied in cyber security to solve real-world problems.
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  • Trends and predictions in AI attack augmentation
  • The use cases and limitations of different AI techniques
  • Real-world case studies, from the City of Las Vegas to Royal Caribbean
time reduction in identifying potential threats - Real Estate
2.5 mins
average time to respond
- Manufacturing
reduction in triage time
- Healthcare
Cyber AI:
One on One Security

Cyber security that adapts to your unique business and prevents novel cyber-attacks