Architectural Awareness

Demystify your organization’s complex cloud footprint.

Dynamic Modeled Architectures

Gain context of your cloud environment – from a macro to a granular level.
Align DevOps, developers, and security with a view of the cloud enriched with business context.

Cloud Asset Enumeration

Continuous visibility into cloud assets and architectures.

Cost Discovery

Cost insights give you a better understanding of resource allocation, helping teams contextualize resources.
Darktrace/Cloud goes deeper than any other tool we’ve seen. It’s always had the ability to consume AWS logs, telemetry, agents, but this brings it down to the application layer. It gets developers and security on the same page. 
– CISO, Financial Services
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Visibility at Every Level

Diagram of flow log analysis

Flow analysis

Enhances Darktrace's understanding and enables deeper visibility for monitoring and forensics.

Behavioral profiling

From an understanding of your native cloud architecture to real-time profiling of behavior within it.

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