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April 14, 2023 11:42 AM

Updated statement regarding LockBit claims

Mike Beck, Chief Information Security Officer, Darktrace

We have completed a thorough security investigation following yesterday’s tweets by LockBit claiming they had compromised Darktrace’s internal systems. We can confirm that there has been no compromise of our systems or any of our affiliate systems. Our service to our customers remains uninterrupted and is operating as normal and no further action is required.

Press Release

April 13, 2023 9:30 AM

Statement regarding LockBit claims

Earlier this morning we became aware of tweets from LockBit, the cyber-criminal gang, claiming that they had compromised Darktrace’s internal security systems and had accessed our data. Our security teams have run a full review of our internal systems and can see no evidence of compromise. None of the LockBit social media posts link to any compromised Darktrace data. We will continue to monitor the situation extremely closely, but based on our current investigations we are confident that our systems remain secure and all customer data is fully protected.

Press Release

Danish Tax Authority secures critical infrastructure with Darktrace AI

February 15, 2024

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Danish Tax Authority secures critical infrastructure with Darktrace AI

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February 15, 2024
  • Darktrace selected to protect the digital infrastructure of the Danish Tax Authority, which collects over DKK 1,100 (EUR 148 billion) annually.
  • Denmark, which has recently faced cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, required an AI powered solution for protection of assets, including confidential citizen and business data.
  • The announcement came after a tender win by Darktrace’s long-standing Danish partner CSIS Security Group, a leading provider of cyber security services.

Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security AI, has announced that the Danish Tax Authority (Skattestyrelsen) has selected Darktrace’s Cyber AI platform to secure the critical information and systems underpinning Denmark’s tax system. It will deploy Darktrace PREVENT™/ASM; and DETECT™ and RESPOND™ for network and email, providing the protection of Darktrace’s unique Self-Learning AI across the organisation.

Operating under the Danish Ministry of Taxation, which has over 26 locations in Denmark, the Danish Tax Authority oversees vital agencies managing tax returns, customs, property valuation, debt collection and more. Tasked with collecting over DKK 1,100 billion (EUR 148 billion) annually, the Danish Tax Authority required autonomous threat detection and response to secure its complex, hybrid infrastructure.

The Danish government's visionary approach to e-governance led to Denmark being named one of the most digitised countries in the EU by the European Commission, and as of 2023, Denmark had the highest percentage of e-Government users among EU countries. However, increasing digitisation also widens the threat landscape. The Danish Centre for Cyber Security rates the threats of cyber crime and cyber espionage at their highest levels, and May 2023 saw Denmark’s largest ever cyber attack when attackers gained access to the systems of 22 companies in Denmark’s energy ecosystem.

Darktrace's AI will provide a key defensive layer for Denmark's most valuable assets by understanding day-to-day patterns with the organisation’s digital ecosystem and acting to autonomously detect and contain anything abnormal.
Long-standing Darktrace partner CSIS Security Group, a Danish leader in cybersecurity services, won the tender from the Danish Tax Authority with Darktrace as the technology of choice. Darktrace and CSIS have been in a close partnership for six years, with Darktrace being a key technology vendor that CSIS works with to deliver its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service.

PREVENT/ASM will allow the Danish Tax Authority to harden and prioritise threats at the edge of their environment to stop attacks before they occur. DETECT will enable the organisation to detect any abnormal activity by analysing thousands of metrics, including email writing styles, to reveal deviations that may signal an evolving threat, including unknown techniques and novel malware. RESPOND will give the Danish Tax Authority’s security team the capability to autonomously contain and disarm attacks within seconds.

"We are thrilled to be defending the Danish Tax Authority's business-critical systems from sophisticated cyber-threats," said Max Heinemeyer, Chief Product Officer at Darktrace. "Our AI technology has proven itself time and again in complex public sector deployments globally. As the threat landscape continues to shift as a result of AI, we’re proud to protect one of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to the digitisation of the public sector.”
“We are proud that the Danish Tax Authority has selected us to be their partner for this pivotal technology-driven initiative,” added Daniel Shepherd, CEO of CSIS. “The Danish Tax Authority is a central element in Denmark’s critical infrastructure landscape and its cybersecurity posture and resilience are of paramount importance. Highly effective detection and response capabilities are central to a winning cyber risk management strategy. Our extensive experience with Darktrace underlines our common vision, and amply demonstrates how we are jointly committed to delivering world-class value on these fronts.”

Darktrace (DARK.L), a global leader in cyber security artificial intelligence, is on a mission to free the world of cyber disruption. Breakthrough innovations in its Cyber AI Research Centre have resulted in over 165 patents filed and research published to contribute to the cyber security community. Rather than study attacks, Darktrace's technology continuously learns and updates its knowledge of your business data and applies that understanding to optimise your state of optimal cyber security. Darktrace's cyber AI technology provides a full lifecycle approach to cyber resilience across the entire organisation that can autonomously spot and respond to novel in progress threats within seconds. Darktrace employs over 2,300 people around the world and protects approximately 9,200 customers globally from advanced cyber threats. Darktrace was named one of TIME magazine's 'Most Influential Companies' in 2021. To learn more, visit


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