Ransomware is a multi-stage attack that starts with a single compromised device and ends in encryption and a ransom note.
Catch and contain ransomware before it costs your organization.
average cost of a ransomware attack
IBM 2022 Cost of Data Breach Report
of US critical infrastructure sectors were hit with ransomware in 2021
U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
ransomware attacks globally in 2021
2022 Sonicwall Cyber Threat Report

The price of a ransomware attack

High-profile ransomware attacks have been well-documented in recent years, including Kaseya, Kronos and WannaCry – with many companies who failed to adequately protect their systems falling victim, at significant cost.
Payment is often demanded in cryptocurrency, but there is no guaranteeing that paying the ransom will restore access to your devices or data.

A multi-stage problem

Ransomware gets its name when encryption begins and a ransom note is deployed.
But this is just the final step of what is normally a multi-stage attack, with the threat actor having successfully evaded your defenses at every point in the journey.
The challenge for defenders is to stop ransomware before the ransom.
Establish Foothold & Beaconing (C2)
Lateral Movement
Data Exfiltration
Data Encryption
Ransom - $
Clean up & Recovery - $$$
The Cycle Repeats

Email: The front door for attackers

A successful phishing attack is the most common initial foothold for ransomware – in fact, 40% of ransomware attacks start with an email.
Malicious links or attachments can appear harmless but may contain malicious payloads that are downloaded as soon as the recipient opens the file.
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Trained on past attacks to stop the next

Most security tools designed to contain ransomware - from firewalls and antivirus to IDS and XDR - take a common approach: they are trained on historical attack data and use static rules to try and contain the next attack.
Today’s ransomware threat actors are innovating more than ever - meaning targeted and never-before-seen attack infrastructure is now commonplace. Tools that are stuck in the past are blind to these novel threats.
Self-learning AI

Learns the business, uncovers attacks

Explore a real-world ransomware attack
Instead of looking at previous attacks to predict those of the future, Darktrace AI learns the ‘pattern of life’ of an organization, including its users, devices, and servers.
This allows it to identify the first signs of a ransomware attack, regardless of whether the method or type of attack has been seen before

Targeted action at every stage

The speed of ransomware often forces security teams to take drastic action to stop the threat – with serious implications for the business.
Darktrace takes targeted micro-actions to stop ransomware at machine speed, without disrupting normal business operations – saving you time and money.

Get the full picture of an incident

Cyber AI Analyst pieces together individual anomalies to reveal the full scope of an attack – and presents clear incident summaries.
Get the full picture wherever you are with the Darktrace Mobile App.
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Get ahead of the threat

Ransomware mitigation strategies are increasingly “shifting left” and looking to prevent an attack from occurring through proactive measures.
Darktrace PREVENT hardens your defences by identifying critical assets and testing pathways of vulnerability.

Ransomware is following data to the cloud

Darktrace covers every layer of cloud and account activity.
  • Deploys in minutes
  • Scales to the size of any organization
  • Integrates into SIEMs, SOARs and SSO
  • Flexible cloud or on-premise delivery

Empowers security teams to reduce cyber risk by prioritizing vulnerabilities and hardening defenses proactively.

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Delivers instant visibility of known and novel threats, powered by a continuously evolving understanding of your business.

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Acts autonomously to interrupt cyber-attacks with precise and targeted actions, without disrupting regular business operations.

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Automates incident recovery processes, allowing organizations to return systems to a trusted operational state in the event of a cyber-attack.

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