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Discover the value a partnership with Darktrace can bring to you and your customers, as we fundamentally transform your ability to reduce cyber disruption.
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Recognized by independent bodies including Gartner, Forrester and Marsh for the groundbreaking capabilities of its AI, Darktrace significantly reduces cyber risk for over 9000+ organizations globally.
Darktrace was early with its approach and, from a technology point of view, has managed to stay in the lead. Darktrace has a well-honed path into artificial intelligence. I think they’ve used it properly and harnessed it with a good user interface that allows them to respond quickly.
- Earl Perkins Research VP , Gartner.
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Something for everyone. Darktrace partners range in technical, cyber, and sales expertise.

Empowers security teams to reduce cyber risk by prioritizing vulnerabilities and hardening defenses proactively.

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Delivers instant visibility of known and novel threats, powered by a continuously evolving understanding of your business.

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Acts autonomously to interrupt cyber-attacks with precise and targeted actions, without disrupting regular business operations.

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Automates incident recovery processes, allowing organizations to return systems to a trusted operational state in the event of a cyber-attack.

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Autonomous cyber defense is the fundamental enabler of the widespread digital transformation taking place across the world today.
Clare Barclay
CEO, Microsoft UK
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Bring Darktrace to Your Customers
Value Added Reseller (VAR)
Darktrace provides end-to-end support to Value Added Reseller partners in bringing
market-leading Self-Learning AI directly to customers of all sizes and industries.
Darktrace enhances MSSP partners’ existing investments, ensuring an enterprise-wide security strategy, and streamlining the SOC’s workflow.
With a complimentary 30-day Proof of Value of Darktrace technology, Consultancy partners receive all the tools to complete successful introductions.
Darktrace enables Distributor partners to deploy a two tiered model in certain regions so that they, their affiliated Partners and customers can all thrive together.
Margin protection
105%+ recurring revenue
Routine, repeatable sales cycle
Prove value in 30 days
Bespoke sales support
Marketing collaboration opportunities
Verified certification program
Reserve opportunity exclusivity
Works with your workflow
Integrates with existing tools
Action can be taken independently or via integrations with native security controls, maximizing the return on other security investments.

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