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April 14, 2023 11:42 AM

Updated statement regarding LockBit claims

Mike Beck, Chief Information Security Officer, Darktrace

We have completed a thorough security investigation following yesterday’s tweets by LockBit claiming they had compromised Darktrace’s internal systems. We can confirm that there has been no compromise of our systems or any of our affiliate systems. Our service to our customers remains uninterrupted and is operating as normal and no further action is required.

Press Release

April 13, 2023 9:30 AM

Statement regarding LockBit claims

Earlier this morning we became aware of tweets from LockBit, the cyber-criminal gang, claiming that they had compromised Darktrace’s internal security systems and had accessed our data. Our security teams have run a full review of our internal systems and can see no evidence of compromise. None of the LockBit social media posts link to any compromised Darktrace data. We will continue to monitor the situation extremely closely, but based on our current investigations we are confident that our systems remain secure and all customer data is fully protected.

Press Release

Independent Technical Evaluation from Technology Advancement Center Finds Darktrace Federal Cyber AI Mission Defense Provides Comprehensive Visibility and Detection for IT and OT Environments

Reston, VA
December 20, 2023

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Independent Technical Evaluation from Technology Advancement Center Finds Darktrace Federal Cyber AI Mission Defense Provides Comprehensive Visibility and Detection for IT and OT Environments

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December 20, 2023
  • Darktrace Federal Cyber AI Mission Defense designed to combat sophisticated attacks including nation state attacks, insider threats, and zero-days using Self-Learning AI

Darktrace Federal announced that the Technology Advancement Center (TAC) completed an independent technical evaluation of the Darktrace Federal Cyber AI Mission Defense™ solution for information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) environments.

In the evaluation, Cyber AI Mission Defense consistently detected and responded to nation-state-like attacks in real time, providing 100% detection of anomalous behaviors without rules, signatures, or white/blacklisting. TAC’s evaluation also found Cyber AI Mission Defense was successful in discovering each device type connected on OT and IT networks, providing 100% visibility into network communications and asset identification, regardless of protocol.

TAC (formerly known as MISI) was created in partnership with U.S. Cyber Command and is a non-government-operated, independent facility designed to provide continuous innovation in cyber capabilities to cyber mission forces in national security and partners. TAC conducted a rigorous technical evaluation of the solution for both IT and OT environments over a two-month period. It deployed five different exploits against the platform to simulate nation-state attacks such as advanced persistent threats (APTs). TAC established the evaluation criteria and developed and executed the test plan against the platform using its proven testing methodology and the diverse skillset of its staff, including offensive and defensive cyber operators and analysts as well as systems and network engineers.

Following the evaluation, TAC noted: “The Darktrace Federal Cyber Artificial Intelligence platform demonstrated that its AI approach to network threat protection is mature and highly capable of detecting and mitigating emerging threats from their infancy stages to full evolution.”

Darktrace Federal's Cyber AI Mission Defense solution spans IT and OT environments, providing coverage for on-premises networks, cloud, OT and critical infrastructure systems, applications, and zero trust architectures. Using Darktrace’s unique Self-Learning AI, which establishes an ecosystem-specific understanding of normal operational behavior, Cyber AI Mission Defense empowers U.S. Federal Government agencies to disrupt threats across the digital estate.

Marcus Fowler, CEO of Darktrace Federal, commented:

TAC’s technical evaluation demonstrates the value that Self-Learning AI can bring to help the U.S. government achieve defensive superiority in cyberspace and ensure mission resilience. With AI and automation enhancing the skills, speed and scale of adversaries, it’s critical that defenders have the right types of defensive AI in their toolkit to stay one step ahead.

The full report, which includes evaluation criteria, network configuration, exploits deployed, and testing methodology and results, can be downloaded here.


Darktrace Federal Inc. is on a mission to deliver complete AI-powered solutions to defend U.S. federal government customers from cyber disruptions and ensure mission resilience. Darktrace Federal is a Reston, Virginia-based subsidiary of Darktrace PLC (DARK.L), a global leader in cyber security artificial intelligence delivering world-class technology that protects approximately 8,900 customers globally from advanced cyber threats. Darktrace Federal applies Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI, which continuously learns and updates its knowledge of 'you' and applies that understanding to optimize your state of cyber security. To learn more, please visit  


Technology Advancement Center (TAC), formerly MISI, is a cybersecurity nonprofit fueling the people and technology needed to solve critical cybersecurity challenges. The TAC’s three pillars of focus include: small business and academic engagement, STEM and workforce development, and proof of concept innovation. Through collaboration with small businesses, academic researchers, and non-traditional members of the cybersecurity community, TAC serves as an intermediary and helps connect U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) and the U.S. government to the innovative products and solutions needed to advance the nation’s cybersecurity capabilities.

The Technology Advancement Center runs programs out of two nationally acclaimed Defense Mission Accelerators with over 100,000 square feet of space that serve as non-government-owned or operated independent facilities to provide cyber national mission forces and partners with continuous innovation in cyber capabilities: TheLink and DiscoveryX. Visit to learn more.

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