Ten years ago, cyber security was just a firewall. Today, with 5G and remote working, companies are more open to threats. That’s where Darktrace comes in.

Frédéric Carricaburu
Chief Information Officer

At a glance:

Self-Learning AI safeguards critical data against breaches

Reduces insider risk by learning 'patterns of life'

Reveals activity across global digital estates

Cyber Security Efforts Past the Perimeter

As a market leader, Saniflo is keen to protect its patents and intellectual property. Whilst cyber security is not always adequately prioritized by business leaders, Saniflo acknowledges that the protection of its global network and data is crucial, and that perimeter defenses such as firewalls are no longer sufficient against today's complex threats. In addition, Saniflo recognizes the risk of insider threat posed by employees and other legitimate network users. As Frédéric Carricaburu, Chief Information Officer at Saniflo, comments: "The biggest threat is the ordinary user."

Eager to maintain its reputation for technical expertise and quality of service, Saniflo was looking for a cyber security solution capable of keeping up with a constantly-evolving cyber-threat landscape, which could also provide full network visibility.

"Nowadays, we have to increase the range of security solutions we use in order to effectively protect the whole network across all users and devices," said Frédéric Carricaburu. "Ten years ago, cyber security was just a firewall. Today, with 5G and remote working, companies are more open to threats. That's where Darktrace comes in."

Self-Learning AI Shines a Light on Abnormal Activity

By monitoring the behaviors of all users, devices and  the network as a whole, Darktrace can establish a 'pattern of life' specific to Saniflo's environment and reduce insider risk.

Frédéric Carricaburu, Chief Information Officer at Saniflo, explains why they chose Darktrace: "Darktrace's technology is very sophisticated and interesting. We decided to deploy Darktrace's Enterprise Immune System technology to have a global and proactive vision of the network, and we now have full visibility of all  abnormal activity."

Saniflo also uses Darktrace's Threat Visualizer interface, which gives the company a 3D graphical visualization of all activity occurring within its network across its global offices. In addition, weekly Threat Incident Reports produced by Darktrace's leading analyst team ensure that Saniflo's security team is informed of threats that they may have otherwise missed.

Stopping Threats Before Damage is Done

The Enterprise Immune System gives Saniflo rich insight into their network activity, alerting them to live or in-progress cyber threats and stopping them before a crisis develops. With Darktrace, Saniflo can be more confident that their network, intellectual property and business reputation are defended against new and existing threats, whether from external or internal attacks.

"I don't know if you can find the same technology anywhere else... the mathematical approach, the  normal/abnormal analysis and the attractive management interface - which allows the user to easily use the  product - makes a huge difference," says Frédéric Carricaburu, in summary of the advantages Darktrace offers the company.

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Founded in 1958, Saniflo is a French-owned subsidiary of the SFA Group, selling plumbing technology for residential and commercial premises. Saniflo is one of the largest companies in the sanitary sector worldwide. Headquartered in France, with 3 production sites and 25 distribution branches, the company now has over 1,000 employees providing a high quality service across the globe.
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