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Securing government and defense

The National Army supports the protection of approximately 52 million people throughout the country. In this way, the cybersecurity of the Army’s technological infrastructure is fundamental in supporting national sovereignty, democracy and the constitutional order for the well-being and security of the Colombian people.

The National Army’s cybersecurity team was in search of a cybersecurity tool that would help reduce the time it took to detect, respond and investigate cyber events and incidents.

With the cyber threat landscape always evolving, the ability to detect and respond to incidents in real time is an essential factor. For the Colombian National Army, securing technological infrastructure is not only a priority, but also a matter of national security.

In its mission to strengthen its security technological capabilities, the Colombian National Army turned to the Darktrace tool for its detection and autonomous response capabilities, and to provide comprehensive visibility of its network.

Why the Colombian National Army chose Darktrace?

Real-time Network Detection and Response (NDR)

For the National Army, real-time detection and response are essential to increase the capacity to react and investigate cybersecurity incidents. While the team review security alerts, Darktrace provides comprehensive event analysis, allowing the team to prioritize the most critical cybersecurity incidents.

Darktrace/Network has not only helped the Army at the detection level, but also offers complete visibility to all activities on its network, including the information it shares with the rest of the Cybersecurity team. The Cyberdefense and Cybersecurity Battalion Commander of the National Army explains that the Darktrace solution is so reliable that it has become a key tool of the organization, given the accuracy of the information that the tool presents to cybersecurity personnel.

Reduced time to investigate security events

The Colombian Army opted for Darktrace to protect its techno- logical infrastructure and was quickly able to demonstrate that time it took to for analysts to investigate events was considerably reduced. With the combination of automated detection and response systems and Darktrace Cyber AI Analyst, it was possible to go from what previously required two or three hours of investigation to determine a result, to around nine minutes, according to The Cyberdefense and Cybersecurity Battalion Commander of the National Army and the reports obtained through analysis in Darktrace.

Cyber AI Analyst optimizes threat research by continuously examining each cyber threat that arises. It also highlights the highest priority threats at any time and quickly synthesizes the entire context of an attack into a natural language report so that it is ‘human readable’ and detailed in attack phase terminology.


The Cyberdefense and Cybersecurity Battalion Commander of the National Army states that Darktrace/Network covers a large percentage of the institution’s network. The Army can improve the coverage of these components, with the use of Darktrace/ Endpoint to its security tools.

With Darktrace, the opportunity to grow and expand without security concerns is always present. In this circumstance, the Army could add Darktrace/Endpoint to their coverage, providing extensive visibility across all technology assets in a single dashboard. As more units are added, Darktrace can adapt, growing with the technological and physical infrastructure. Once installed, Darktrace Self Learning AI learns an organization from the inside out, and runs on real-time, continually updated data and information.

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In this era of increasingly advanced technology and cyber threats, the Colombian National Army has recognized the importance of strengthening the security of its technological infrastructure, adopting innovative technologies to improve its effectiveness and operational efficiency in cybersecurity.
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