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City of Tyler, TX

Antigena Email is the only tool that intelligently actions threats.
City of Tyler, TX

At a glance:

Needed to protect city infrastructure and the infrastructures of several sister cities

Darktrace autonomously defends users with a  self-defending immune  system for the inbox

Mobile App offers insight into emerging threats on the go

Understanding Distributed Infrastructure With Self-Learning AI

The City of Tyler's IT team is responsible for the security of the entire municipality, as well as that of several sister cities.
As a result, implementing the most effective and resilient security solution was of paramount importance to the team.
The team sought a security technology that went further than legacy tools to better understand the threats they were up against. To illuminate the complex and collaborative infrastructure of their city, the team turned to Darktrace's Self-Learning AI, which leverages unsupervised machine learning to analyze all patterns of communication and activity within a digital ecosystem.

With the AI's ability to quickly distinguish malicious behavior from normal activity, the team are secure in the knowledge that their employees and users are protected from the full range of threats. Inspired by the principles of the human immune system, Darktrace continuously learns the 'patterns of life' for every user, device, and environment as they evolve and change. This enables Self-Learning AI to autonomously detect and respond to emerging threats – neutralizing them before the damage is done.

Creating A Self-Defending Inbox With Antigena Email

To defend its users from advanced and novel attacks, the City of Tyler uses Darktrace's solution for the inbox, Antigena Email, which surgically interrupts all threat types. The technology works by understanding the human behind the email address, down to the way users typically write. Using Darktrace's core AI, Antigena Email stops spear phishing, digital fakes, impersonation attacks, account hijacks, and more from landing on the city. By learning what 'normal' looks like for every internal employee, external sender, and all the complex relationships between them, Antigena Email neutralizes threats before they even reach users.

Mobile App Enables Protection Outside of the Office

Over the past year, the city's IT team has seamlessly defended its remote working infrastructure, users, and data. With the support of Cyber AI, the team are able to see the health of their digital ecosystem in real time, with Darktrace autonomously stopping emerging threats. The Darktrace Mobile App provides visibility of the digital ecosystem and Darktrace's Autonomous Response actions on the go. This enables the team to understand the current threat landscape and review incidents wherever they are. With AI working to defend its digital ecosystem 24/7, the City of Tyler ensures operational continuity for constituents.
With the Darktrace Mobile App, the City of Tyler's IT team takes this visibility with them outside the office, past office hours when criminals may try to target them most. The city's protection never times out or fades, with Darktrace ever on and ready to autonomously stop emerging threats in seconds.

Security is layered, it is not enough to only have a firewall. The key to mitigating risk is resilience.
City of Tyler, TX
The City of Tyler in eastern Texas has a population of 108,302 people and is known as a major center of rose cultivation. Its IT team manages the security of several Texas municipalities and needed more advanced defense against today's sophisticated attacks.
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