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Vermaat Group

With Darktrace integrating into all of our systems, we were able to protect employees even when they were working from home.

Danny Huijsen
Head of Technology
Vermaat Group

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AI-powered threat detection relieves strain on security team

Cyber AI Analyst connects the dots

Antigena stops sophisticated phishing attacks

Self-Learning Threat Detection Protects an Expanding Business

For companies like Vermaat, business expansion usually means opening new branches and increasing cash flow. With these advancements, however, often comes a strain on security teams, made worse by an increased attention from cyber criminals.

Vermaat's Head of Technology, Danny Huijsen, was increasingly occupied by the painstaking task of addressing cyber-attacks manually, but with Darktrace's implementation he has been able to take a more hands-off approach to cyber security. "I trust the implementation and only interact with the Mobile App," Huijsen comments, "For more serious incidents, I use the Threat Visualizer  for an in-depth look."

Learning the digital landscape from the ground up, the Darktrace Immune System forms an evolving understanding of the 'patterns of life' of every user and device, and can therefore quickly and accurately detect threatening anomalies without the need for manual tuning. As Huijsen remarks, "Darktrace gives Vermaat some peace and quiet", freeing him up to focus on  other responsibilities.

Cyber AI Analyst Proves its Value Within Days

For Huijsen, the value of Self-Learning AI became immediately apparent when, in the first week, Darktrace discovered multiple private activities taking place on Vermaat devices in direct conflict with company policies.

In the past, Huijsen would have stopped what he was doing and immediately begun organizing an investigation. But with Darktrace's Cyber AI Analyst, Vermaat benefits from autonomous detection and investigation, greatly reducing the time to meaning. Having collated subtle deviations indicative of a threat, the AI Analyst quickly and accurately triages and reports on the problem, creating valuable time for the security team to respond. Vermaat is one of the largest hospitality businesses in the Netherlands, with bespoke catering solutions established at over 400 locations, and plans for international expansion.

This is a clear, accurate report, breaking the attack into distinct techniques and stages in order to assist with remediation and prevention measures.

Huijsen no longer chases endlessly after breaches. With the pressure lifted by Self-Learning AI, he receives accurate, prioritized threat alerts, already investigated and triaged by the AI Analyst. The technology constantly adapts, protecting Vermaat from new attacker techniques and equipping them for the future.

Securing the Inbox with Microsoft and Darktrace

The inbox is where Vermaat was most in need of a solution beyond traditional rules-based policies. Its workforce had become increasingly targeted by phishing emails, many of which used hijacked company addresses and circumvented traditional email filtering. Their Head of Technology reports, "There were multiple issues of spoofing or phishing at the company, to the point that employees at our HQ were receiving convincing phishing emails from their close colleagues' email addresses."

With Microsoft products already in use by Vermaat employees, implementing the additional help of Darktrace was a seamless next step in their security efforts. They put Antigena Email into action, integrating its unique capability for addressing novel attacks with Microsoft's existing filtering,  and saw immediate and tangible results.

Antigena Email rapidly began learning the 'pattern of life' for every user, and was soon recognizing malicious emails which had made it through traditional filters. It then began implementing specific, non-disruptive measures to prevent these emails from endangering Vermaat and its employees. Huijsen has since received praise from employees at the company headquarters, who noticed the reduction in malicious emails. Darktrace again proved able to provide Vermaat with some much-needed peace and quiet, freeing up time for the continuation of its normal business operations.

After installing Antigena Email, within just one week we noticed a significant decrease in phishing emails.
Danny Huijsen
Head of Technology
Vermaat Group
Vermaat is one of the largest hospitality businesses in the Netherlands, with bespoke catering solutions established at over 400 locations.
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