State of AI Cyber Security 2024

Industry Perspectives on the Growing Role of AI in Cyber Security

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Today’s organizations are already feeling the impact of AI on the threat landscape, with the view that AI-powered threats are here to stay. But many security leaders feel unequipped for what’s to come – skills gaps, personnel shortages, and uncertainty around how to adopt the right AI-driven security tools are holding organizations back.

Key Report insights

More than 1,800 CISOs and security leaders surveyed


of survey respondents agree that AI-powered cyber threats are having a significant impact on their organizations.


of respondents fear their organizations are not adequately prepared to defend against AI-powered attacks.


of survey participants think AI-driven security solutions significantly improve the speed and efficiency of prevention, detection, response, and recovery.

How are security leaders thinking about AI?

How are security leaders thinking about AI?

We recently surveyed nearly 1,800 security leaders and practitioners across a broad array of global industries. With a goal to learn how the adoption of AI-powered technologies is taking hold of organizations, we uncovered more. The survey reveals:

  • How the adoption of new AI is affecting the threats stakeholders face
  • How they are responding
  • AI’s role in prevention, threat detection, response, and recovery workflows
  • The AI cyber security skills gap