The CISO’s Guide to Incident Management in 2023

Threats have changed, it’s time cyber incident management does too. Download the white paper now.
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  • How Generative AI is impacting the cyber-threat landscape
  • Industry methods for assessing cyber readiness and incident response
  • How AI that learns your business offers defenders a chance to improve cyber resilience
8000+ companies trust darktrace

Darktrace HEAL uses AI to understand your business data to ensure readiness to recover from an active cyber-attack and to rapidly restore the business to an operational state.

Readiness Analysis

Is everything going to work when I need it to? Including my people?
  • Readiness Reporting
  • Incident Simulations and Drills

Recovery Decision Engine

How can I get ahead of an in-progress attack?
  • Bespoke, AI-Generated Playbooks
  • Automated Remediation and Recovery Actions

Incident Collaboration & Reporting

How can I maximize the time of my limited team?
  • Automated Incident Reports
  • Secure Collaboration & Communications
  • Technology Integrations

Before an incident...

Readiness analysis

Establish your cyber readiness

HEAL uses Darktrace’s existing understanding of you – every device and communication – to establish: how ready are you for a cyber-attack?
Reports can be pulled at any time to give an understanding of tech stack readiness.

Practice like it’s real, so you’re ready when it is

Test a variety of plans and processes, and build staff experience based on detailed, bespoke scenarios to ensure the team can act instinctively when an incident occurs.

During an emerging incident...

Recovery Decision Engine

Get back up and running

When incidents occur, HEAL’s dynamic playbooks adapt responses automatically to precise incident details, rather than forcing one universal playbook to function for all.
Secure Crisis Collaboration

Bring the right people into the loop

HEAL establishes secure crisis communication channels, where users can track actions, automated and manual, while applying notes for added context.

After an incident...

Darktrace HEAL generates a timelined report, detailing what happened and what actions were taken.
Incident reports provide essential information that helps decision making during important incident response and recovery stage, and can also be used by third-party forensic teams, insurance providers, IT teams and legal teams in the wake of an incident.

A Lifecycle Approach to Cyber Defense

In the wake of an incident, Darktrace HEAL communicates its findings to the rest of the ecosystem, and affected assets are more closely monitored for a period of time.

This is one of many interactions with the Cyber AI Loop: a security ecosystem consisting of four AI engines, with each capability feeding back into and strengthening the next.

“Darktrace’s full Cyber AI Loop gives us confidence. We know we have an AI teammate that is continually learning how our entire ecosystem operates, strengthening our defenses and looking out for any abnormal activity.”

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer,  City of Las Vegas
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