Why attend?

Meet with industry experts from Darktrace including Max Heinemeyer (Chief Product Officer), Marcus Fowler (Director of Strategic Threats/ CEO of Darktrace Federal) and Brianna Leddy (Director of Analysis). Schedule time to discuss your security priorities and the importance of AI for cyber resilience. We can share how unprecedented visibility, automated investigation and response with AI, and transformation of SecOps to a proactive state are critical for the future of cyber security.

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What’s on your mind?

How is AI transforming the threat landscape?

How can AI level up my security team operations?

Can my team become more proactive?

I want to replace my legacy SEG. Where do I start?

Is there a better way to manage vulnerabilities in operational technology?

And more

Subject matter experts

Chris Kozup

Marcus Fowler

Jeffrey Macre

Brianna Leddy

Nabil Zoldjalali

John Allen

Denise Walter

Marcus Fowler

Max Heinemeyer

Brianna Leddy

Dan Monahan

Jeffrey Macre

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